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Meet Kei Uchigasaki

16th Generation Master Brewer

Monday, JUNE 17th, 2019

$125 per person

Includes all you can consume Sushi and Sake with Special Guest 16th generation Hoyo Master Brewer, Mr. Kei Uchigasaki, to provide education on Hoyo’s Premium
Ji-Zake, ending on a note with light entertainment by Chef Soichi.

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Since the time of its establishment, the Uchigasaki brewery has had more than 350 years of history and traditions.

Hoyo sake brewery can be found in Tomiya city located some 400 km north of Tokyo and just north of Sendai city, the largest city in the Tohoku region.

The Uchigasaki family forefather, Oribe Uchigasaki, a samurai lord with the Date clan, helped to establish Tomiya as a post town for the Oshu Highay ( Road ) which connected Edo (today’ s Tokyo ) and Tohoku region in 1620 (during 1603-1868). The Tomiya post was commissioned at the behest of Sendai’ s founding Samurai Warlord, Masamune Date.

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The second master of their family, Sakuemon Uchigasaki, launched the sake brewery in 1661. Since then they have been brewing their brand of sake for over 350 years.

Their company is the oldest brewery in Miyagi prefecture.
They brew traditional handmade sake with an eye on freshness and taste. 

It’s the sake the locals enjoy drinking.

If you plan to drink, please plan on leaving your car at home. Don’t Drink and Drive, take an UBER or Lyft.

Please confirm with Raechel (619) 677-2220 (restaurant 1:00pm -5:00pm Tuesday-Saturday)

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