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Michelin Guide awards 4 new stars to San Diego restaurants

PAM KRAGEN from Union Tribune

SEPT. 28, 2021

Addison moves up to two stars and single stars were given out to Jeune et Jolie, Soichi Sushi and Sushi Tadokoro.

Soichi: Michelin One Star
The youngest of the four Michelin-starred restaurants is Soichi, a 2-year-old sushi restaurant opened in University Heights by chef Soichi Kadoya and his wife Raechel Kadoya. Before the couple opened their restaurant, Soichi Kadoya worked at Sushi Tadokoro for six years. The two chefs have been close friends and colleagues for more than 20 years and support each others’ success.
A Michelin inspector wrote of Soichi restaurant that its “sushi leans straightforward, but it’s impressive and flaunts much skill.”
Raechel Kadoya said her husband was apprehensive about receiving a star because he is afraid that it may create pressure on their intimate 26-seat restaurant, which is so popular with its regular clientele that’s it’s already booked out through November.
“Our concept is an intimate experience and we can’t expand that or we lose our concept. Even with the award, nothing is going to change on our end,” she said.
She described her Japanese-born husband as a purist who honors the history, culture and traditions of sushi-making and has a deep respect for the environment and his ingredients. He also practices a low-waste ethos, using nearly all parts of the fish to reduce waste and honor the fish who gave their lives.
Soichi, 2121 Adams Ave, San Diego, (619) 677-2220,

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